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Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

1Case 1 – Smile Makeover

Wow what an amazing transformation! In just 3 months this beautiful lady has had her smile made over. Doctor Robinson achieved this with the 6 month smiles brace system. This was then complimented with Zoom teeth whitening, preserving her own natural teeth. Great result!

1Case 2 – Cosmetic Braces & Replacement Crowns

This happy groom had existing crowns that were not symmetrical and further forward that he would like. Doctor Robinson used cosmetic braces to move his teeth into a more favourable position before replacing his anterior crowns. She also used Zoom whitening and gingival contouring to give him his wonderful smile.

1Case 3 – ZOOM Tooth Whitening & Porcelain Crown

This lovely patient had fell and broken his front tooth when he was a child. He was left with a bulbous tooth and didn’t not like the colour of his teeth. Doctor Robinson set to work first with some Zoom tooth whitening. This was applied in surgery within an hour. Once his teeth were lighter she changed his bulbous porcelain bonded to metal crown for an all porcelain crown. Which left him with a great natural looking smile with minimal tooth preparation.

3Case 4 – Braces, Whitening & Bonding

This patient was not happy with the position, colour or shape of his teeth. Doctor Robinson utilised cosmetic braces to move his teeth into position. This was followed with some Zoom tooth whitening and finished with some cosmetic bonding. He didn’t require any teeth to be removed, and preserved his natural teeth. Resulting in a natural healthy smile!

1Case 5 – Invisalign Braces

This patient was not very happy with the large gap between his teeth. Doctor Robinson used Invisalign braces to close the gap in a matter of months. Resulting in a happy, healthy natural smile.

2Case 6 – Zoom Tooth Whitening & Veneers

Well done to our lovely bride to be. She was unfortunate to be born with missing teeth and wanted to change her canine (fang) teeth into a more natural shape. Doctor Robinson achieved this with some Zoom tooth whitening and minimal veneer preparation. She has transformed her smile.

Testimonial from our patient…

“We can’t thank Dr Robinson and her team enough. We are so happy with our smiles. The whole process was effortless and comfortable. She listened to our needs and gave us our natural healthy looking smiles just in time for our big day.” Mr and Mrs Rastall

1Case 7 – Juvaderm Ultra Dermal Lip Filler

This lovely lady was not happy with her top lip. Dr Robinson placed Juvaderm ultra dermal filler into her top lip to give her the pout shes always desired. This can be done alongside local anaesthtic to makle this procedure comfortable and pain free.

Testimonial from our patient…

“Ilove my new lips Dr Robinson is amazing!” Sally Owens

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