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Teeth Whitening Liverpool

Teeth Whitening Liverpool

Light up your life with safe, smart teeth whitening.

Our safe, effective whitening treatments combat discolouration and guarantee a lovely, lighter look. Your teeth may have lost their natural whiteness for a variety of reasons including ageing, smoking, trauma, and overdoing coffee and red wine, but we can eliminate stubborn stains and add some sparkle to your smile.

The brighter benefits of teeth whitening

  • A healthier, more youthful appearance
  • Confidence boosting
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Performed by a dental professional for extra reassurance

Take your pick from our tasty tooth whitening menu

We offer a number of tempting options for freshening up your pearly whites but, before going ahead, we take a good look at your teeth to work out which whitening treatment is the perfect choice for you. We will also try to ascertain the cause of discolouration to prevent it reoccurring.

In-surgery whitening

This speedy treatment takes place in our comfy dentist’s chair and noticeably lightens teeth in a single 90 minute session.

  • We cover tender lips and gums so they stay safe during treatment and apply a highly effective hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth.
  • You sit back and relax while we speed up the lightening process with a special bright light.
  • This combination of gel application and light activation takes place in carefully controlled stages until that wished for whiteness is achieved.
  • We even give you customised mouth trays to wear at home, so you can maintain whiter teeth in your own time.

Home Whitening

This option allows you to take control with custom-made mouth trays that provide the perfect fit for whitening at home. So, whether you choose to chill out on the sofa or snuggle up in bed, you decide when and where to whiten!

  • We take impressions of your teeth so well-fitting mouth trays can be produced.
  • When ready, we show you how to use these trays with special desensitising gels and you can then choose to wear them in two different ways:
  • Day wear – this fast acting option features a highly active gel (Boutique Whitening’s By Day) that is worn with the mouth trays for just an hour a day.
  • Night wear – if you would rather whiten while you dream, this option can be worn over night as the gel (By Night) lightens more gradually but with equally impressive results.

Maintain your sparkle

If you want to keep on top of your brighter smile, just buy a few more tubes of lightening gel to use with your tailor-made trays.

Hygiene Stain Removal

Don’t forget, we will deep clean your teeth with a thorough scale and polish during your regular hygiene appointments. Scaling removes plaque and tartar, which can dull the surface of the teeth and this is topped off with a shine restoring polish.

We can also offer more advanced stain removal to blast away stubborn stains. Although not a whitening procedure, teeth will appear significantly lighter because it targets external staining, especially from smoking or deep pigments in food and drink.

Stay lighter, for longer

You can maintain lighter, brighter teeth for longer by keeping on top of your oral hygiene (so that means plenty of brushing and flossing!), giving up smoking and limiting your consumption of stain causing food and drink.

We are offering a FREE dental check-up plus scale & polish when you have a tooth whitening treatment – so lighten up and get totally tooth healthy with Garston Dental. Call us on 0151 427 4181 to find out more…

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