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A thorough wash and brush up for your teeth (and so much more…)

Our friendly hygienist, Miss Clean, (she’s actually called Miss C Lean, but we couldn’t resist taking a little liberty with her very apt name!) loves keeping your teeth spotless but that’s not her sole job, she also keeps an experienced eye on your oral health, especially your gums. And on top of this preventive care, Miss Clean will give you plenty of hygiene and dietary tips so you can take great care of your teeth at home.

    Take a look at Miss Clean’s hygiene menu with its sparkling selection of treatments:

  • Scale and polish – This classic hygiene treatment involves the removal of plaque and stubborn tartar, rounded off with a polish that leaves your teeth feeling silky smooth. This is an essential deep clean as regular brushing isn’t enough to prevent the daily build-up of sticky plaque, which encourages bacteria to hang around and potentially contribute to the development of gum disease.
  • Periodontal treatment – Gum disease is Miss Clean’s biggest enemy, which is why she goes all out to prevent it occurring, or makes sure it is treated effectively when it does rear its ugly head. She will inspect your gums for signs of disease, such as red, bleeding gums, and treat any problems she detects. If disease has started to develop, more intensive cleaning of the teeth under the gum line, known as root planing, may be required. This involves scaling of the root surface to remove tartar and bacteria, which can help reduce inflammation of the gum tissue.
  • New starters – It’s a good idea to introduce your children to Miss Clean as early as possible so they learn to be relaxed about having teeth cleaning treatments. She can also keep tiny teeth safe from decay with fissure sealants and enamel strengthening fluoride varnishes.

Total body benefits

Dental hygiene can have a significant effect, not just on your gums and teeth, but on the rest of your body too, as poor gum health has been linked to a number of other serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes – so it really does pay to see Miss Clean regularly.

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