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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding

Brief bonding experience with an attractive outcome.

Cosmetic bonding is a quick, drill-less technique used to restore chipped, misshapen or gappy teeth. An excellent alternative to more costly crowns, veneers or braces, it deals with disappointing dental flaws in a single visit and, in line with our minimally invasive philosophy, it offers cosmetic benefits without affecting the health of your teeth.

The procedure involves the artful shaping of a composite resin to eliminate annoying imperfections but, as there is no drilling, the underlying structure of the tooth remains intact.

Bonding benefits

  • Speedy treatment process
  • Cost-effective
  • Natural looking results
  • No need to remove any healthy tooth (no drilling required!)

How we make that bond

  • We pick the shade of composite that will be the best match for your teeth.
  • We slightly roughen the tooth to make sure the resin will stick.
  • We expertly sculpt the clever composite so it blends in perfectly with the existing structure of the tooth.
  • A special light is used to ‘cure’ the composite and we finish off with a perfecting polish.

Keep your cosmetic bond beautiful

When we’ve fixed your smile, you can keep it looking fresh by limiting stain-encouraging food and drink, such as tea, coffee and red wine. You should also get busy with your toothbrush and dental floss, and avoid chewing your nails, pen tops or biting down on hard foods.

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